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Child Protection

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle are committed to providing safe environments for students.  Whilst we have a legal obligation to protect children, this commitment is central to our Catholic beliefs. All schools in NSW are required to meet the statutory obligations of legislation relating to child protection and schools in this diocese are required to uphold the policies and guidelines set out by the Catholic Schools Office.

At Our Lady of Lourdes, we believe that all children have a right to a safe environment which is free from any form of abuse or harm. We believe that relationships between adults and children are governed by trust and Gospel values.

As a parent sending your child to a diocesan school, you are expected to be an active participant in safeguarding your child’s wellbeing. To do so, it’s important that you have the best information available to you. The Office of Safeguarding website offers comprehensive details of the Diocese’s approach to safeguarding children. You are also encouraged to be an active participant in the life of your school.

As a parent of a diocesan school student, if you are concerned for:
• the safety, welfare or wellbeing of one or more children in the school
• the conduct of a member of staff, a volunteer, contractor or other adult associated with the school
… you are able to:
• discuss your concerns with a teacher, assistant principal or principal
• talk to an investigator at the Office of Safeguarding (ph.: 4979 1390, during office hours)
• report your concerns to the Department of Communities and Justice’s (DCJ) Child Protection Helpline (ph. 132 111, 24 hrs/7 days) if your concerns constitute a risk of significant harm
• report to NSW Police if you believe a crime has been committed.

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