About Us


At Our Lady of Lourdes, there are 23 teaching staff and numerous support staff.

This includes a School Leadership Team, Learning Support Teacher, Learning Support Assistants, a Teacher-Librarian and Library Assistant, Aboriginal Education Teachers, office staff, Pastoral Care Worker and Canteen Supervisor.

A registered School Counsellor is also available three days a fortnight to assist in assessing and addressing individual student learning needs.

Our goal is to provide excellent education in a positive Christian environment by integrating all of the different aspects of human development and understandings. This is achieved through the subjects taught in the light of the Gospel and encouraging the growth of the virtues which are characteristic of the Christian person.

A list of staff contacts can be found below:

2021 STAFF

Leadership Team

Principal: Cheryl Henderson

Assistant Principal: Kathryn Stuart (0.25)

Religious Education Coordinator: Petrina Massey (0.2)

Primary Coordinator: Michael Tobin (0.1)

Teaching Staff

Kinder BLUE: Victoria Murphy (0.5) and Lauren Ross (0.5)

Kinder RED: Cathy Fren (0.6) and Kate Stendall (0.4)


Stage 1 BLUE: Petrina Massey (0.8) and Renae Unicomb (0.2)

Stage 1 RED: Lachlan Edwards

Stage 1 WHITE: Lara Sullivan


Stage 2 BLUE: Lisa Sansom

Stage 2 RED: Danny Antonini


Stage 3 BLUE: Sharon Low (0.8) and Rebecca Greer (0.2)

Stage 3 RED: Michael Tobin (0.7) and Renae Unicomb (0.3)

Stage 3 WHITE: Nadine Ptolemy (0.5) and Samantha Hillier (0.5)


Learning Support Teacher: Allison Treloar 

Pedagogical Mentor: Kathryn Stuart (0.2) and Michael Tobin (0.2)

Gifted Education Mentor: Kathryn Stuart (0.2)

Teacher Librarian: Stacey Graham 

Aboriginal Education Teachers: Belinda Huntriss (0.6)

English as Additional Language/Dialect Teacher: Patricia Higgins (0.2)

RFF: Kathryn Stuart (0.35)

​Support Staff

Senior Clerical Officer: Cristie Challand

Clerical Officer: Mel Smith

Learning Support Assistants: Colette Culley, Kylie Bardetta, Carly McGregor, Kathy Williams, Michelle McDonald

Pastoral Care Worker: Karen Tucker

Library Assistant: Julia Fields

Canteen Supervisor: Kaye Hutchinson