School Fees

The payment of school fees is compulsory and agreed to upon enrolment. Accounts are sent home during Term 1 and Term 3. Parents’ contribution by way of fees is essential to the day-to-day operation of the school, however parents who face difficulty in this matter should approach the Principal who will discuss their situation and offer support. It is important to note that while no child will be denied a Catholic education because of his/her parent’s inability to pay fees, it is requested that concessions are only requested when genuine hardship applies.

The fees for your ELDEST CHILD in 2020 $3035 ($75.88 per week over 40 weeks)

This amount includes:

Diocesan Family & School Building Levy (DFSBL)= $1250 per family.

Please note that if you have a child in a Diocesan Secondary School, this levy will be applied to his/her fees only.

The DFSBL assists in financing capital works in existing schools, the acquisition of land and the development of new schools. This levy also supports the Diocese in its pastoral ministries including the provision of Pastoral Workers, Refugee and Aboriginal ministries, the Hospital Apostolate and Seasons for Growth (Grief and Loss Programme). Historically, and for a considerable period of time, our schools were built and maintained by the voluntary contributions of the people of the Diocese through their Parishes. As our system of schools has continued to speedily grow (and the contribution in Parishes has declined markedly), that support is not viable.

Diocesan Tuition Fee= $1275 per child in K-6

OLOL Information Technology Fee= $110 per family

This is a family contribution to the ongoing cost of purchasing and replacing computer software and hardware.

OLOL Maintenance Fee (including Mowing) = $70 per family

This fee contributes to the maintenance of school equipment,

mowing and general maintenance of the grounds.

OLOL Excursion/Incursion Fee = $168 per child

This fee covers the cost of incursions and excursions held throughout the year and contributes $30 per child towards the Stage 3 major excursions to the Great Aussie Bush Camp and Canberra. It covers entry to Sports and Swimming carnivals, a visit to Hunter Life Education and the provision of TWO terms of paid sport with specialist instructors. This amount does not cover representative sport.

OLOL Resource Fee = $162 per child

This covers basic requirements eg provision of all exercise books, art material, paper, photocopy paper, biros, rulers, lead pencils, coloured pencils and copy costs etc. Parents are not expected to provide equipment or books for children.