About Us

Hunter Aspect School

Over time, a strong sense of community and a program of Pastoral Care have become two of the most notable features of the school.

In 2003, a satellite class for students with autism was opened. Autism is a lifelong disability that affects the way individuals communicate, socialise and interact with their world. The satellite class has been established in response to needs within our local community.

Mrs Sue Morgan, former Principal of Our Lady of Lourdes, after extensive consultation with teachers, parents, the CSO and parish community invited Ms Liz Murray, Principal of Hunter School for Children with Autism, to establish a class at our school.

With the generous help of volunteers the room, which was formerly a sports room, was painted and carpeted. This project is a cooperative programme between the Autism Association of New South Wales, Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School and the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese Catholic Schools Office.

The class of eight students provides strategies to support the students to achieve to the best of their ability in future settings, therefore enhancing the range of future placement options. The students develop skills to enhance learning opportunities and support the transition to the school of their choice. The students and their specialist teachers have been successfully integrated into the school community at Our Lady of Lourdes. The students have integrated lessons with the appropriate year levels.

Our satellite classes are called the Infant Rainbows, Junior Rainbows and Senior Rainbow classes, because a rainbow is a gift from God, a symbol connecting people, places and hearts. It is a sign of hope and a promise.