Religious Education

We are a Catholic school and we teach the Catholic faith. At our school, all students will be provided with knowledge about the Catholic Church, its traditions and practices. Our aim is that all students will grow in a love for God, an understanding of the Christian way of life and a deepening relationship with Jesus. The Sacramental Programme is a Parish based programme that is actively supported by the school.

Our school is part of the Beresfield Parish, which is within the Chisholm Region in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. Fr George Anthicadu is our Parish Priest and Fr Greg Barker is the Diocesan Administrator.

Education began on this site on 12 September 1944 when two Sisters of Mercy welcomed 32 students into the Church building which was their temporary school – an arrangement which stayed in place for fourteen years.

The legacy of the Sisters of Mercy who blazed the trail here remains in place today as we continue to honour and respect the Mercy charism. They were women of Gospel faith. They believed that God, in whose image every person is created, is the source of human dignity. They understood that God is full of compassion and that no one is unworthy of God’s love. They were convinced that if God’s wisdom and justice guided the leaders of a society, no person need be excluded from life-giving opportunities.


The greatest gift of Our Lady of Lourdes is our Catholicism. To choose Our Lady of Lourdes means that parents want their child to be in relationship with Jesus.

We view our school as an integral part of the wider Parish Community. The school celebrates numerous liturgies throughout the year and particularly values social justice. Our families who are not Catholic are very welcome and equally valued – we would like you to feel included in the worshipping community.

At the beginning and end of the year, we gather as a Eucharistic Community to celebrate. The Parish Mass is celebrated at 9.30am on the first Wednesday of each month in our Chapel and there is a roster of classes attending. All families are welcome.