OLOL Update including Home Learning Website

Good Morning,
Please know that your family is in our prayers every day as our community (and our country) negotiates the difficulties of lockdown. As a staff we gather at 8.45am on Teams to ask God to help us all! It is also a time for us to check-in on each other and adjust our processes so that we can provide constant support for the needs of our students and their families.
I am deeply grateful for the continual care and co-operation we have received from the parents of OLOL, with every appreciative word and act of kindness helping us to manage each day. Again we had 80% of our families collect packs on Friday with most experiencing a ‘hole-in-one’ at OLOL Drive-Through!
It is important that you remember to notify me in advance if your child will be attending school on any day. Staff attendance is rostered according to this information. Given the disturbing news at 11am each day, I need to stress how important it is for you to keep your children at home if it is at all possible. Even if you are an essential worker, please consider the possibility of seeking support from your employer so that your children have some time at home during the school week.
THANK YOU to the children who have been sharing their work with their teachers and/or returning hard copies to school. We must ensure that learning happens for every student, while acknowledging that wellbeing is absolutely critical. As the lockdown progresses please maintain a balance and let me know if you need assistance in any way – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.
In addition to all of the other ways of accessing Home Learning, ‘one-stop-shop’ has been created at http://ololhomelearning.weebly.com/
Here you will find:

Teams Meeting Timetable;
overviews of learning for the week;
copies of home learning packs and videos to help with learning activities for all year levels;
information regarding suggested hours for learning from home.
Sincere thanks to Michael Tobin for offering his skills to create this resource. It will be a fantastic help to families.
Take care and stay safe